The Ghebleh brand has been working in the field of fashion for many years with a scarf product. The owners of this brand needed a repositioning and a new definition of brand image to strengthen customer relationship and gaining more market share.

This project began with the study on the customers and market analysis. Open Brand Strategies were defined and then repositioning and rebranding was carried out to create a new image among our customers. The new visual identity of the Ghebleh brand was aligned with the strategy and the new identity of the brand was launched in an event.

Another object of these projects was the definition of the assortment strategy and the new artistically collection management in the spring and summer of 2019. The concept of collection designing and design guidance was done by Morietz team.

This collection was displayed at the same time as the brand launching event. The brand launching event was carried out by Moritz team and colleagues with innovative ideas and the use of multimedia technology and video-mapping.